The Anshar Gambit

The sky is falling, and it’s Alice’s fault.

Alice runs a private space program, and today is the proudest day of her life. Until a meteor strike obliterates London. Someone converted her great achievement into a city-killing weapon, and only she knows how to stop it.

Locked out and on the run, it’s up to Alice to hack her way back in and regain control. She’s almost out of time before the weapon fires again. And the next target… is her.

The Anshar Gambit is a riveting near-future technothriller packed with high-stakes action. Come for the badass heroine, stay for the hacking, robots, and explosions.

The Boreas Gap

Budapest is burning. Alice is trapped inside.

A fascist uprising has toppled the Hungarian government, and they’re out for corporate blood. Alice was running the Space Core office, now she’s running for her life.

Alice is fully focused on escaping the city before she’s caught and executed. Until she uncovers a nuclear plot, with her ex-husband at its center.

The Boreas Gap is a standalone seventeen-chapter novella set several years before The Anshar Gambit. It’s a fast-paced introduction to Alice and Marcos, perfect for fans that want a snack-sized adventure, or for new readers checking out the series.

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